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Finding the Best “Fit”

One significant purpose of the PA school interview is to determine if the school is a good “fit” for your objectives and qualifications. With over 200 PA programs in the United States at the time of this writing, applicants should, at the very least, inquire about the following at each interview:

  • Are there any discrepancies with the program’s first-time pass/fail rates on the NCCPA boards (if applicable)?

  • What is the philosophy/focus of the program?

  • What is the availability of clinical rotation sites?

  • How is the quality of clinical rotation sites?

  • Is there a cadaver lab?

  • Who teaches the classes?

  • What is the class size?

After all, you are the one paying for this educational experience. The only way to find out if you will be getting a good value for your investment is to inquire about the items listed above and anything else that you consider significant to making your decision.

The benefit of asking intelligent questions is threefold: 1) you will come across as an educated consumer; 2) you will feel more in control of the interview; and 3) you will gather enough information to make an informed decision on whether you should rule in or rule out the program.

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