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Your PA school essay may be the most important piece of medical writing you'll ever compose!

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Hi Andy,

This is Mei. I was accepted by Franklin Pierce University this morning. Thank you for the mock interview and your great assistance. After the mock interview, I improved my self-confidence and was well prepared for the interview. All of the questions were covered by you in the mock interview.

Thank you for your time and your inspiration!

Have a great weekend!



I cannot thank you enough for being my mentor and reading and replying to my emails.  Like I said before, not having someone who is in healthcare in my family seemed detrimental during this process, but having someone like you in my corner has really shaped my perspective.  There are no words; I am completely elated and ready to start and determined to succeed. 

I know I will be a great PA and to know that I now have that opportunity makes me so grateful.  I am appreciative for all of your time and your energy.  I can truly never thank you for your advice, replies, and mentorship.  I hope we can keep in touch during the next few exciting months and years of my life.  Thank you thank you thank you.

--Katie S.

Hey Mr. Rodican,

Thank you so much for all of the changes you made (to my essay.) They were extremely helpful and definitely improved the flow of my essay. I was just notified that I was invited to interview at three programs!



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Two- Hour Mock Interview

Do you want to be a "vanilla" applicant, or a Perfect Applicant?

Before you even enter your interview, the admissions committee members already know the Qualities they're looking for in applicants they accept to their program.

Wouldn't it be nice to know the questions, answers, and Qualities they're looking for ahead of time?

In this two-hour "Mock Interview," I will teach you my "Tailoring Method" and help you learn how to identify and infuse the Qualities and Multipliers that the PA program you are applying to looks for in their Perfect Applicant.

You will also become an expert at answering the toughest interview questions:

Traditional Questions
Behavioral Questions
Situational Questions
Ethical Questions

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Questions
Illegal Questions

You cannot "wing it" when it comes to the most important interview of your medical career!


One-On-One Personal Coaching Session


(Skype or Telephone)

Not sure if you're a competitive applicant? Need tips on how to strengthen your application? Need a road map for success? I will       personally spend one hour with you via Skype or telephone to answer any of your questions about the Physician Assistant School application process. 

I will review you transcripts, medical experience, and the programs that you are applying to, and give you my expert opinion on what you need to do to make your application stand out from the crowd.

I will also provide you with tips on writing the essay and teach you a technique for gaining strong letters of recommendation.


I want to thank you for choosing to explore my coaching programs for Physician Assistant school applicants. My coaching programs have grown directly from my experience as a PA school applicant coach and mentor since since 1996. I literally "wrote the book" on getting accepted to PA school, and I've helped thousands of candidates achieve success... I get applicants accepted!

​My qualifications include the following:  

 1. 1994 Graduate of the Yale University School of Medicine Physician Associate                                          Program

 2. Recipient of the Yale PA Program Medical Writing Award (1994)

 3. Author of four best-selling books for PA school applicants:

                    *The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Physician Assistant School 

                    *How to "Ace" the Physician Assistant School Interview

                    * Essays That Will Get You Into Physician Assistant School

                    *The Ultimate PAth to Success: A Road map for Physician Assistant School Applicants

 4. Former Yale PA program admissions committee member

 5. PA school applicant coach since 1996; The pioneer in PA school coaching

 6. Proven track record of helping thousands of PA school applicants achieve success.   

 7. Nationally recognized author and PA school applicant coach

 8. Clinically practicing PA since 1994

 9. Former Fleet Marine Force Navy Corpsman

10.Former Air Force Officer

How Would You Like To Become The PerfectApplicant?

During my experience on the admissions committee at Yale, and over the past two decades, I've developed a strategic formula called the "Tailoring Method" that will help you become the Perfect Applicant (PA.) The formula is as follows:


                                       PA = (Q + A)

PA = Perfect Applicant: The Perfect Applicant knows how to stand out from the "vanilla," carbon-copy applicant.

Q = Qualities: Qualities are what make up the Perfect Applicant. These are generally different types of knowledge, skills, or abilities that the program consider's to be of paramount importance. If you want to set yourself apart in the interview, these are the things you need to reference or exemplify in your essay and interview.

As mentioned above, the interviewer(s) will have a set of Qualities in mind that the Perfect Applicant must have to get accepted to the program. It is your job to find out what these Qualities are and demonstrate that you possess them at your interview. 


Sample Qualities:

Accountability                                        Empathetic 

Ability to handle stress                          Energy   

Adaptability                                           Friendly  

Assertive                                               Hard-working

Academic ability                                    Humility

Analytical thinking                                 Knows when to ask for help

Attention to detail                                  Listener

Balanced                                               Leadership

Collaboration                                         Life-long learner

Cooperation                                          Maturity

Confidence                                            Proactive

Caring                                                    Problem solver

Discipline                                               Service oriented

Diversity                                                 Strong interpersonal skills       

A = Answers: I'll teach you how to infuse these Qualities into your interview answers to help you stand out from 99% of the carbon-copy applicants.

m = Multipliers: Learn how to find Multipliers (icing on the cake) for every program which will exponentially increase your odds of getting accepted to PA school.

I use this formula and the Tailoring Method to take you from a "vanilla" applicant, to the Perfect Applicant! Which applicant do you want to be?I

My gift is to be a mentor and a teacher. I have taken the knowledge I have gathered over the past several years and distilled the application process into a winning format. You still have to do the work, but my coaching will help you avoid the many pitfalls that keep so many (great) applicants from getting accepted.    


                                                 Why Go It Alone?

                        I can show you how to become the Perfect Applicant

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